John & Mary [Carpenter] Alverson

I. Susannah1 (--?--). Her married name was ALVERSON. Her 2nd married name was JELSON. She was born circa 1688? She married (--?--) ALVERSON circa 1709? She married James JELSON circa 1716?. John was 6 when his mother re-married. James JELSON and Susannah had 6 children (surname JELSON or JILLSON).

A. John2 ALVERSON was born circa 1710? His Intention of marriage was filed on 29 Oct 1737. He married Mary CARPENTER, daughter of Noah CARPENTER and Sarah JOHNSON, on 8 Dec 1737. He died in Nov 1756.

1. Mary3 ALVERSON was born on 1 Sep 1738 in Attleboro, MA.
2. John3 ALVERSON was born on 25 May 1740 in Attleboro, MA.
3. David3 ALVERSON was born on 15 Apr 1742 in Attleboro, MA.
4. Simon3 ALVERSON was born on 2 Apr 1744 in Attleboro, MA. He was baptized on 2 Jul 1744. He married Eunice ELLIS, daughter of William ELLIS and Mary WALKER, in 1772 in Norfolk City, MA.

a. Simon4 ALVERSON was also known as Simeon. He was born on 5 Mar 1766 in Bellingham, MA. He married Susanna BEAMAN, daughter of Elijah Holland BEAMAN and Thankful NICHOLS, on 29 Dec 1785 in Chester, VT. This was a first marriage (implies another). He died on 22 Mar 1849 at age 83. He was buried in Apr 1849 in Cavendish, VT. His mother was probably NOT Eunice Ellis, but a previous wife of His father Simon.

(1) Susannah5 ALVERSON was born circa 1785 in Lancaster, MA.
(2) Simon5 ALVERSON was born on 10 Dec 1787 or on 26 Dec 1788 in Chester, VT. He married Lucretia WILDER, daughter of Peter WILDER and Polly WHEELER, on 21 Nov 1819 in Wethersfield, VT. He died on 10 Oct 1846 or on 10 Nov 1846 at age 57. He was buried in Bombay, NY.

(a) Eliza A.6 ALVERSON was born on 3 Apr 1821.
(b) Harriet S.6 ALVERSON was born on 8 Apr 1823.
(c) Charles B.6 ALVERSON was born on 14 Mar 1825 in NY. He married Elvira M. SWEET circa 1855? He and Elvira M. SWEET appeared on the census of 1880 in Bombay, NY.
(d) Susan6 ALVERSON. She was born on 7 Apr 1827 in Harvard, MA. She married Joseph BROWNE.
(e) Mary Elizabeth6 ALVERSON. She was born on 10 Apr (or 16 April, or 17 April) 1830 in Harvard, MA or in Bombay, NY. She was given a certificate to allow her to teach on 16 May 1854. She married Joseph Barnabas PAINE, son of Joseph PAINE and Lydia MANSFIELD, on 21 Dec 1854. She was a resident of Massena for 42 years (as of 1897). She was elected as delegate of the I.O.G.T Lodge to the County Lodge in Winthrop, NY in May 1892 in Massena, NY. She died on 12 Oct 1897 in Massena, NY, at age 67. She was buried in Massena Center Cemetery, Massena, NY.
(f) Lorinda6 ALVERSON. She was born on 31 May 1834 in New York. She married Silas CLARK.
(g) Arvilla6 ALVERSON was born on 12 Jul 1840 in New York.

(3) Mary5 ALVERSON was born circa 1789 in Lancaster, MA.

b. Mary4 ALVERSON was born on 11 Apr 1774 in Hollister, MA.
c. John4 ALVERSON was born on 11 Mar 1779 in Hollister, MA.

5. George3 ALVERSON was born on 13 Dec 1746 in Attleboro, MA.
6. Susannah3 ALVERSON was born on 10 Apr 1748 in Attleboro, MA.

My data comes from many sources, including "The History of Sherborn and Holliston" (MA). I notice that on your site, you have a Simon in the Rev War from "Holliston". It must be the same Simon (born 1744) with a teenager and 2 young children living in Holliston when he served in 1779.

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Prepared by: Robert W. White

Susannah Alverson
and her son John Alverson

Genealogy of the Gillson & Jillson Family, by David Jillson, South Attleboro, Ma. 1876
p. 129, 130
Mrs. Susannah Alverson married James Jillson of Attleboro [Rehoboth], Ma., and he died on Independence Day, July 4, 1776. Susannah had a son by a former marriage who was about six years of age at the time of his mothers second marriage. His name was John, and lived in the family of his mother and step father till he was of age. He married Dec 8, 1737, Mary, the daughter of Noah and Sarah [Johnson] Carpenter, of Attleboro. Mary was born Jan 24, 1710, died July 22, 1753 at Attleboro. Her husband John died Nov 1756. They had six children:
Mary, b. Sept 1, 1738
John, b. May 25, 1740
David, b. Apr 15, 1742
Simon, b. Apr 2, 1744
George, b. Dec 13, 1746 [see Rev War Service]
Susannah, b. Apr 10, 1748

This family is also mentioned in "A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America", by Amos B. Carpenter, 1898.