Henderson B. Alverson

John Alverson b. 1759 VA. wife Frances Ann [Newton? needs proof] b. ca 1769
(their son Elijah Alverson b. 2 July 1785 NC. died Dec 1874 had another wife
and the details of this marriage are sketchie to say the least.  He was
married to Clarissa 20 Mar 1810, and she bore him children but while at war
aparently he was married to Nancy Cook, 2nd Feb. 1816 Surry Co., NC.  Some
family members object to this but I believe to have proof enough to verify
this marriage to Elijah Alverson son of John & Frances Newton Alverson.
After his son was born to Nancy Cook, Elijah went back home to his wife
Clarissa and bore more children.  Nancy Cook Alverson bore only one son
Henderson B. Alverson who apparently was familar with his other 1/2 siblings
as he recorded their names in his family bible.)

American Bible Soc. 1878 New York;  This information came from the Alverson
Family Bible which is in the home of Lilly Hill Campbell who lives in
Glenrose, TX.

The following is written just as it is in the Bible as best as I could read.
Some letters are not very ledgiable. Left side of Bible

H. B. Alverson born 10 July 1816 married 3 January 1836 to Minerva Thompson
born 31 July 1818.  2nd wife Drusila Roberdes married 25 Dec 1879 she was
40 years old 10 March 1836.
1. Thomas Alverson   born October 1837
2. M.E. Alverson       born 7 February 1842
3. M.M. Alverson     born 3 November 1841
4. Juda Alverson       born 7 March 1843
5. Sintha Jane Alverson born 4 June 1844
6. Elvira Alverson     born 4 June 1846
7. Sala Alverson       born 21 March 1848
8. James Alverson    born 7 November 1850
9. Nansa Alverson    born 7 November 1850
10 Cata Alverson      born 4 October 1853
11. Sooson Alverson born 7 May 1855
12 William Jesse Alverson  born 9 September 1857
13 Julia Alverson      born 20 May 1864
Right hand page of Bible

Births   The father of H.B. Alverson Eliga Alverson m. Nansa Cook in Suird
Co., N.C.  H.B. Alverson there only son born 1816
Chesly D. Alverson
Barnet F. Alverson--Woolf Creek, Ala.
Charley Alverson----Brokinarrow, Ala
Archibal Alverson---Tenn.
Francis Alverson----Brokenarrow, Ala.

The above names four half brothers on half sister--All born in senclare Co.
H. B. died 22 Nov. 1910 at 12 n
Vira Cowan d. 5 Mar 1935
End of bible inscriptions.

The Marriage bond in Surry Co., NC has a Valintine Cook as bondsmen which
was Nancy Cook  Alverson's brother. ( a reciently descovered will lists H. B
Alverson as an aeir through his mother Nancy Cook Alverson.  Will send that
also if interested)

Henderson B. Alverson b. 10 July 1816 in NC m. 1st Sarah Minerva Thompson 3
Jan 1836.  She was b. 31 July 1818 and died 23 June 1869 Tarrent Co., TX.
She bore him 13 children.
1 Thomas  b. Oct 1837 Ala (no other information on him)
2Margaret Elizabeth b. 7 Feb 1840 Ala. d. 3 Sept 1918 m. Wm. Henry Ledbetter
3.Mary Martha b. 3 Nov 1841 Ala. m. 1st Ballard 2nd Richard Sirmons.  She is
buried in Alexander Cemetary, 9 miles East of Dublin TX.
4. Judy Frances b. 7 Mar 1843 Ala (no other information on her)
5. Sallie or Sarah b. 4 June 1845 Ala d. 12 Jan 1890 m. James Curry
6. Elvira b. 4 June 1846 Ala. d. 6 Mar 1835 m. Wade Cowan
7. Synthia Ann b. 21 Mar 1848 Fayette Co., Ala. d. 31 May 1878 m. Curtis
Alexander Galttana 18 July 1869 TX
8. James Samuel b. 7 Nov 1850 Miss.2nd wife Edna (no other information)
9. Nancy A b. 7 Nov 1850 Miss. m. Neph B. Thorton 29 Aug. 1869
10 Virgina Catherine b. 4 Cot 1853 Miss. d. 1880 m. Ruben Houston Burrows in
11. Susan b. 7 May 1855 Miss. d. 12 Jan 1890  m. Dan L. Wilson
12 William Jesse b. 9 Sept 1857 Miss d. 10 Oct 1870(no other information)
13 Julia Ellen b. 20 May 1864 TX. d. 29 Mar 1955 m. Charles W. Hill 3 Feb

Henderson B. Alverson m. 2nd to Louisa Holt 29 Jan 1870 divorce granted 11
July 1879. 3rd wife Drucy Roberts   m. 25 Dec 1880
(Information for this family comes from census, Estate records of H. B.
Alverson file # 3634 Tarrant Co., TX.  Compiled in 1981 by Carolyn L. Moore
of Bedford TX.
I hope my documentation helps put this puzzel together.