Toleife Alverson, [Jr.],
1703, 1705, 1714
Northumberland Co Va

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. XIX, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645 - 1720 by Fleet
Papers which have been presented unto the County Court of Northumberland.
p. 19N

Alverson, Teliffe of St. S. Par. Deed from Langhly Conolin and Sarah his wife. 41 acres. 21 July 1703. Re rec 16 May 1711. 17.96

Alverson, Toleife Jr. Wit bond Churchill to Harrison 19 dec 1705. 17.161 His land adj Sam'l Churchill on road to Totoskey Ferry. Same date, same Vol and page.
Alverson, Becknell {?} Wit bond Churchill to Harrison 19 Dec 1705. 17.161

Alverson, Toleife Cath: Hughs bound to him till 18, which time is expired. 17 Sept 1714. 6.87