Alversons From Westmoreland Co Va

Virginia Tax List, 1782 - 1787
Alverson, John 1 West'd

Westmoreland Co Va Wills, p. 199
Moore, William, 26 Sept 1792; 20 Apr 1796. Dau Mary Alverson all of my estate except 5 shilling to s. Vincent Moore.

Circuit Clerks Office
Court House
Westmoreland Co Va
Twelth judicial Court
Albert Stuart, Clerk
Montross, Virginia
William Moore - Will
In the name of God amen - I William Moore of Westmoreland County and Parrish of Cople being weak and low in body but of perfect sence and memory do constitute and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form following. Viz: I give to my daughter Mary Alverson one dish three basos two plates one iron pott and hooks, the bed and furniture I lie on my chest two iron wedges and one proc, one gun, one iron pistol three head of cattle and my land to her and the heirs of her body forever and it is my desire that my debts shall be paid out of my estate by my executor hereafter named. Item - I give to my son Vincent Moore five shillings in full of my estate. It is my will and desire that all the rest of my estate not before given shall go to my daughter Mary Alverson. Lastly I appoint my son in law John Alverson my whole and sole executor to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of September 1792.
William [his X mark] Moore
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged in the presence of:
Martin Tapscott
Zachariah Alverson
Frederick [his X mark] Alverson

The Virginia Genealogist
Westmoreland County Virginia
p. 20 Jno. Alverson, inhabitants of Hanover and Washington, 26 Oct 1778.
p. 29 Telef Alverson, James Alderson, Jun'r, Jno. Alverson - signed a legislative petition.
p. 26 Mary Alverson mg to John Cowart 12 Feb 1795 by Rev Lewis Chastain.